Unboxing and testing the Airwheel SE3 intelligent riding suitcase


Airwheel SE3 Scooter Luggage

Finally received the Airwheel SE3 suitcase ordered online. Now we are going to open it.

Airwheel SE3 tech Luggage

Take it out from the box, remove the anti-dust cover and plastic bags. The anti-dust cover can be kept for future use.

Airwheel SE3 rideabled Luggage

I have ordered the black version, there is another option of silver color. Its shell is made of ABS+PC which is scratch-proof, wear-resistant, and waterproof. It is made with pretty good workmanship.

Airwheel SE3  Scooter Luggage

Besides the SE3 suitcase, there are other accessories in the package: charger, conversion cable for the battery, air pump extension nozzle.

Airwheel SE3  Scooter Luggage

The power button is located at the right bottom part of the suitcase.

Airwheel SE3  Scooter Luggage

Press the retractable button to switch the SE3 between scooter mode and suitcase mode. Both its motor and handlebar are adjustable.

Airwheel SE3  Scooter Luggage

The one in the red circle is be connected to the SE3 charger for recharge.

The TSA combination lock provides more convenience for security check at custom.

The 6.5-inch front motor wheel is made with skid-proof patterns and attached with two aluminum alloy pedal at sides.

The air pump extension nozzle is designed right for the 8-inch pneumatic rear wheels.

The SE3 is designed with 29.3L volume capacity and divided into two storage rooms, the inner space is used to put the garments and other belongings which don’t need to be taken out frequently during traveling.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

The outer layer is designed with many independent bags to put the pens, notebooks, keys, wallet and other small stuff.

When closed with the snaps at two sides of the suitcase, it can be opened at 45° angle.

The left and right sides of the inner space are designed with net bags for storing the underwear, socks etc.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

There is a zipper at the bottom part of the inner space with SE3 battery covered inside. Open the zipper and remove the strap to get the battery.

Connect the battery with the conversion cable and the charge for recharge.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

The rider is 1.85m tall and 76kg in weight. It works well.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

There is an LCD display in the middle of the handlebar to check its mileage, speed, battery status and other information. There are two keys at its right side, the upper one is used to scroll between the pages, and the lower one is for the brake.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

The breathing lights at two sides and the rear light will be on when riding.

The handlebar height is adjustable.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

There are two USB charge ports at the corner of the suitcase which can be used to recharge your smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Airwheel SE3  Tech Luggage

The SE3 can also be pulled or carried like the regular luggage to adapt for different scenarios.