Two Different Pleasures from Riding Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter

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Abstract: Riding with Airwheel single-wheeled scooter and two-wheeled electric scooter actually provide different riding pleasures for Airwheel riders. In fact, different Airwheel scooter types provide differentiated riding pleasures for Airwheel riders, and the riding experiences with Airwheel electric scooter become colorful. 

Basically, there are two types of Airwheel riding formats: one is riding with single-wheeled electric scooter while the other is riding on two large wheels. In fact, riders feel differentiated riding pleasures from the two different Airwheel riding formats.

Riding with Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter is fun and interesting since it is really a very innovative way of riding a scooter. Riders have no handles and the whole electric scooter is based on the single wheel. Riders are expected to keep good balance by physical adjustments of the electric scooter. Riding with Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter is like playing with the scooter and enjoying the entertainments with the electric scooter.

Airwheel X3, single wheel electric scooter

Besides, rider will consume more energy while riding with Airwheel X8 self-balancing scooter, for which many riders consider riding Airwheel single-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter a physical exercise activities outdoor, which is healthy, pleasing and relaxing. 

Comparatively, riding with Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter is relatively less challenging and provides more riding simplicity and comforts. Riders do not need to keep balance since the two-wheeled design style is able to provide a stable and labor-saving riding experience. Riders control the directions of the two-wheeled electric scooter simply by the handle of the scooter. The whole riding experience is relaxing and cool due to the wonderful riding experience with the two-wheeled electric scooter. 

Airwheel Q3, self-balancing scooters

It is hard to decide which type of Airwheel riding is better since different people will prefer different riding formats due to the personal preferences. For instance, young male riders who love thrills and entertainments are more likely to take on Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter riding since the riding experience is more playable and interesting. Comparatively, riding with two-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter is more relaxing and much easier, and this riding format is more likely to be favored by senior-aged riders.