Perfect Vehicle for Urban commuting–Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter

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Abstract: Airwheel is an international brand which has been widespread all over the world. After the X-, Q- and S-series, Airwheel launched its first member of A-series–A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter, a pioneering and innovative vehicle with its groundbreaking design in the globe. This vehicle appears as a perfect choice for urban commutation.

“Commuting is stressful and stress has all sorts of side effects on health,” explained Iain Gately, author of the book Rush Hour: How 500 Million Commuters Survive the Daily Journey to Work. “I think many of us feel this overwhelming sense of powerlessness on commutes because we get stuck on a train or in a traffic jam and there is nothing we can do about it.”


Airwheel A3


Airwheel A3 intelligent saddle-equipped scooter is created for a better urban ride, mounted with 16-inch wheel tires and 520-wh lithium battery. As to the former scooters, it would be a bit tiring for riders to keep standing on the scooter for such a long distance. After all, not everyone is an athletic person. Therefore, for the sake of riders' comfort, A3 has been added a seat for riders to rest during the ride. Such an improvement makes it easier and simpler for riders to take a respectively long trip around the city. What's more, the color combination of white, silver and orange renders the scooter more fashionable and energetic in a low-profile manner.


electric self-balancing scooter


Also the hydraulic suspension and electronic brake system save your strength in riding Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooter as much as possible. The speed limit of Airwheel A3 is no longer fixed. Instead, riders can adjust the speed limit according to their own needs, which reveals the humanized design of the scooter. With the electronic brake system, A3 will make an instant brake response within 5 seconds when the braking button is pressed, thus ensuring the riders' safety when they have to stop the scooter out of sudden.  


self-balancing electric scooter


In a word, A3 appears as a perfect choice for urban commutating vehicle.