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Abstract: This colorful skateboard created by Airwheel team has got a hit in the Hilton of CES 2016. It's because that its innovative design enjoys a unique charming to attract customers. In fact, it has already engaged in the campaign on Indiegogo, intending to gain more backers.

Although CES 2016 has been over, it leaves us plenty of memories about the stunning electric devices. Among the new products brought by Airwheel M3 electric hoverboard is the star drawing a great number of visitors. Despite the fact that CES is closed, there still has an access to get M3 skateboard on Indiegogo which will last for 2 month since December 29. Need more detailed information, please visit http://igg.me/at/airwheel






After long-time using, the user can change the worn-out tires into new ones. At the same time, it's a way to extend electric skateboard's service time.

The panel and the decals or patterns on the panel can be recreated according to the user's will. The easy thing goes first. The rider can paste the decals he likes, or draws patterns or picture directly on the deck. Then if the rider is a handy boy or girl, it's just a piece of cake to replace the maple panel with some other electric hoverboard. The trick for changing the deck is to drill the screw holes in the proper position. It could have fun to operate this process. Apart from that, it renders the rider a platform to play the imagination and creativity.



Airwheel M3



The last feature other skateboards can't have is that M3 electric skateboards is fitted with a remote control. The controller is in charge of operating the speed and the steering directions. For these riders who are skillful to skateboard the board, they can just hold the controller to accomplish all riding. In the meantime, they can taste the joys of variable ride. All features on M3 are for a better experience to all users.