Airwheel C5 smart sport helmet is an indispensable wearable device.


Abstract: Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet is featured by better toughness, intensity and shock resistance compared with others, which will protect the head safety to the best. However, it is the thoughtful designs like camera, Bluetooth and App that make C5 stand out.

People nowadays tend to select emerging vehicles as their commute transport on workdays, instead of conventional ones. It is a great helmet that gives riders the best protection due to the better toughness, intensity and shock resistance. Also, the unique ventilation system of front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole gives riders comfortable experience. You will still feel comfortable after a long time wearing with the vents & soft inner pad.


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However, it is the thoughtful designs like camera, Bluetooth and App that make C5 helmet heads up display stand out. On the way to go to work or go back home, riders can take pictures or videos just by a slight click on the helmet. C5 helmet camera can also be applied in climbing, cross-country activities or other Extreme sports for keeping everything recorded. Another function of the camera is that C5 smart helmet can provide powerful evidence if necessary via the video shooting function for deliverymen when meeting with accidents or disputes.


High quality sports Helmet

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It is a trouble to answer the phone while riding. Airwheel C5 helmet has filled in this gap. The equipped Bluetooth microphone is able to filter out external noise and offers clear sound quality. More importantly, it liberates two hands. Listening to music will help riders to kill time. But what you will use? Wearing headset may lead you to become road killer. The Bluetooth speaker in Airwheel C5 allows riders to play music from your mobile phone device without ignoring the surrounding sounds. Also, the built-in WIFI module on Airwheel C5 enables riders to share your pleasure with friends by connecting to the phone.

Overall, Airwheel C5 sport camera is an indispensable wearable device.