Airwheel C5 smart helmets is anything but a simple protective equipment

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Abstract: After developing the six series of intelligent electric self-balancing scooters or skateboards, Airwheel keeps working hard to explore in intelligent helmets. Airwheel C5 smart helmet can be used during riding intelligent electric vehicles or displays its ability in other outdoor activities.

Except the six major series of electric scooter or skateboards, the intelligent protective equipment like helmet also belongs to the business scope of Airwheel. It can be matched with intelligent electric vehicles or displays its skills in other outdoor activities.


helmet heads up display


When the single electric self-balancing scooter hits the market, Airwheel starts the trend of twin-wheeled electric scooter in Q series; later the self-balancing scooter industry goes bad but Airwheel endeavors to develop S series two-wheeled scooters; some enterprises compete by leg-control electric scooter in pursuit of the maximum profit, as a result, security accidents directly affect the sales while Airwheel not only prevails in the market but also succeeds to launch the electric walkcar with two-mode riding postures.


Intelligent helmet for road safety


C5 covers a brand new scenario. During your riding or some Extreme sports, a helmet is necessary to protect yourself. But the riding or Extreme sports, along with Airwheel C5, will be more interesting. Airwheel C5 smart helmet made ingenious combination between intelligent technology and helmet and transforms the illusory imagination into reality. The helmet for sale is embedded with a high-definition camera. The 2K field of vision can capture the images through your eyes or record the wonderful moment by means of videos, instead of stopping to take several pictures by cameras.


custom intelligent helmet


The cool street bike helmet can be connected with mobile phones and then users can upload your videos or images into social platforms. It deals with the trouble that most cameras cannot import the files into phones timely. Users can listen to music while riding. The wind sound won't influence the listening effect during outdoor activities thanks to the high tone quality Bluetooth loudspeaker.

You also can wear C5 when riding self-balancing scooter to protect your head and take a video to share with your friends.