A Romantic Marriage Brought along by Airwheel Intelligent Unicycle X3

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Abstract: Sometimes, an occasional opportunity may change people’s life. Once it’s changed, many unexpected results will yielded. This happened to Tracy. She got a gift, an Airwheel self-balancing scooter. Surprisingly, it made her throw away her old habits. What’s more, she harvested her love.  

Not long ago, Tracy’s mother kept complaining the only activity her 31 year old daughter did after work was playing video games. Five years ago, Tracy’s younger sister recommended a game and then Tracy was lost in games. X-box, PS4, Game CDs and equipment were piled up as a mountain in here bedroom. Yes, this situation lasted for 5 years.  Tracy has a good job, and she is a graduate student for master’s degree in UCLA. Five years ago, her parents began to push her to prepare for marriage, but Tracy never considered it as she always wanted to be an independent girl.

Airwheel X3, electric unicycle

What’s worse, video games and busy work took most of her time. Tracy’s parents were worried about this, but they couldn’t figure out a way. Gradually they got desperate. The situation has been dramatically changed when she received an Airwheel one-wheeled electric unicycle X3! 

Tracy’s younger brother sent her the device as a birthday gift. At first, Tracy showed no interest about that, nevertheless, she tried it and learned to ride it in only 10 minutes. She felt comfortable and rode that around the lake nearby. It was this experience with the self-balancing scooter that made her feel the fresh air outside the bedroom. After that day, she went for an electric unicycle ride after supper every day.

Airwheel X3

One day, a boy named Edward saw Tracy and her self-balancing unicycle. He was fascinated by the cute girl and the agile device. He greeted Tracy and they chatted for a long time. They found they got so much in common that they regret not having met earlier. They exchanged What’s APP ID and met every night at lakeside by electric unicycles. The everyday date lasted three months and their love developed fast. A few days ago, Edward proposed marriage to Tracy.